I found you, MissNewBeauty!

Just like Bubba Sparxxx found Ms New Booty. Poetic, isn’t it?

Now that I’ve planted a song reference into your head (sorry if you’re not into hip hop), let me introduce myself. I’m Daniela, an Argentinian-born beauty and makeup enthusiast who lives in North Queensland, Australia. I love writing so much, so I went and did a communications degree; and I am now working as a multimedia writer and content creator.

MissNewBeauty is my little creative space within the blogosphere, where I will be serving up your weekly dose of reviews and recommendations, sharing new products, current makeup and skin care routines, old favourites, and other things that I love.

I favour a natural-beauty enhancing makeup look on the daily. I am no expert – you probably won’t see me doing any “out there” or highly technical looks (like, winged liner because that shit is hard) – but, who knows, we might be able to learn that stuff together!

I hope for MissNewBeauty to be a place where you can escape the daily grind and just chill out, with me!

By the way, that song is exactly how I came up with my blog name… I had nothing.