May Beauty Favourites 2017


If there’s one thing that I’ve missed, it’s fries (I’m on a diet, hot chippies are my weakness). I’ve also missed blogging and regularly posting on Instagram – it’s been a while, guys! The past few months have been crazy. Three months ago I moved back to Melbourne, and life has been overwhelming. I realised that no matter what, I need to stop losing focus on my hobbies and doing the things that I love. It’s so easy to put yourself last, don’t do it girl! Anyway, no better way to get back into the swing of things than to share my beauty favourites! Let’s get started.

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Best in Beauty 2016: Makeup, Skincare & Fragrance


Hard to believe 2017 is around the corner. Another year done and dusted, another year of amazing beauty discoveries – and I couldn’t keep them all to myself! I always look forward to summing up of what I’ve loved the most throughout the year, and if I can do one last bit of enabling and recommend some ace products, then I’m all for it. Before we begin I thought I’d clarify that these aren’t all products released in 2016, just products that I purchased/gave more love to in the year. Now let’s get into it – grab a cuppa, it’s a long one!

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October Beauty Favourites 2016


I’ve been a terrible blogger – I missed my September favourites… tsk tsk! In saying that, I probably didn’t have too much to share, so this month’s favourites will be a combination of things I’ve been loving in the past two months. Is anyone else excited for the end of the year? Christmas and New Years are just around the corner, and November is my birthday month! I’m working on a gift-guide, so keep an eye out. Now, let’s get into the favourites!

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August Beauty Favourites 2016


It’s August favourites time, and this month I have a nice mixture of new and old products I have been loving. Is anyone else getting ridiculously excited to start seeing all the holiday collections? I can’t wait! Now let’s see what’s made it in my favourites this month.

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July Beauty Favourites 2016 – Makeup and Fragrance


Gulp… it’s August already. Mid-August to be more exact. I am struggling to comprehend where this year has gone, and why half of this month has already gone by! I was meant to post this weeks ago, but never got around to it and I wasn’t going to post it. But then I thought – why not? It might encourage you to spend your money on things that you don’t need help you guys discover some new beauty treasures. So, here goes – my super late July Beauty Favourites – makeup and fragrance!

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Top 5 Neutral MAC Lipsticks – Recommendations for Medium Skin Tones


Truth: MAC Cosmetics make some of the best lipsticks in the market. I’m ashamed (or proud?) to say I’ve collected over 20 so far, and I always have at least one on my makeup wish list at any given time. What makes them so amazing? Firstly, they have almost any shade a lipstick lover could possibly want; and they have it in a variety of finishes. Although I have a healthy assortment when it comes to the colour spectrum, my favourites – and the ones I reach for the most – are all neutral shades. Will I ever get over warm nudes? Probably not, so I thought I would share my top 5!

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March Beauty Favourites 2016


It’s favourites time! I feel like I haven’t done one of these in a while, probably because I didn’t do a favourites post for February… oops! But thats okay because now l get to show you what I’ve been loving in the past two months! I will blab on about uninteresting stuff a bit further down the post (a little life update), so let’s get into the important bit right now: makeup!

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Top Beauty Discoveries of 2015


I love this time of the year because I get to see everyone’s yearly favourites round-ups – the bits and pieces were staples in everyone’s makeup routines, and what were the favourite discoveries that were uncovered. I decided to join in on the fun and share my own – some of these will not come as a surprise to you, while others I’ve been semi-secretly loving but just haven’t had a chance to share yet. The products that made the cut weren’t necessarily released in 2015, rather I got my hands on them in 2015.

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December Beauty Favourites 2015


Welcome 2016! I hope everyone had a wonderful break with their loved ones. I am still in denial about the fact that December is no longer here – anyone else? It all came to an abrupt end. Regardless, I can’t wait to round up my Top Beauty Discoveries of 2015; but first things first – I had to share my December favourites. Both November and December had me doing quite a bit of shopping, so there were lots of new bits and pieces introduced into my routine, and I was pleased to find some absolute gems. Couldn’t keep them to myself, now could I?!

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November Favourites 2015


What a month November was. All I can say is it was busy, busy, busy. I did some travelling, a bit of shopping, had my birthday just last week (turned 25 on the 25th) and work was and still is super hectic. It flew by! Before we know it Christmas will be here, exciting times!

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