BECCA Cosmetics Multi-Tasking Perfecting Powders Review + Swatches


If there is one thing I appreciate, it’s a product that can offer you multiple uses. That superstar in your handbag that you can rely on in different scenarios and beauty needs. Naturally, when a new makeup product has ‘multi-tasking’ in its name, I am all ears – show me what you’ve got! Add the word ‘perfecting’ and now you’ve got me really excited. This was the case when the new BECCA Cosmetics Multi-Tasking Perfecting Powders* arrived at my doorstep. BECCA says you can use them as a foundation, to highlight and contour, set your face or to touch it up on the go. Are they really a ‘do-it-all’?

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Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème & Setting Powder Review


True: The beauty world goes into a frenzy when Kat Von D Beauty releases hot new products. In the past year, however, there have only been two products that really caught my eye. New liquid lipstick shade? I’m so over the matte liquid lipstick trend. Super colourful eyeshadow palette? Not my cup of tea. New concealer and setting powder? Yes, come to mama! Those are two items I am always willing to try. Enter the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème & Setting Powder. One I’m in love with, the other didn’t exceed my expectations.

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New BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealers – Review & Swatches


Although blushes are my favourite makeup item to collect, I’d have to say concealers come a close second. It doesn’t matter how many I have – as soon as a new concealer comes out I “need” to try it! So yes, they’re a little weakness of mine and I’m in constant need to try different formulas… Anyone else? Naturally, I was over the moon when I received the BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealers* and I had to immediately put them to the test. It’s been a couple of weeks and I am ready to share my thoughts. Do you really need them? Read on to find out!

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Hit Or Miss? Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick Review


I was never a fan of stick foundations. I remember trying one in my early teenage years (when I started to get interested in makeup), and it wasn’t a good experience. The result was dry, cakey, just a big fat nope. So from then on, I instantly assumed all stick foundations would be the same and never bothered with them again. Not too different from when someone offers you food and you tell them “no thank you, I don’t like it”, but in reality you haven’t tried it before (sound familiar?). Lately I’m all for trying things I would have previously refused. Blame it on the triangular shape, its gorgeous hand-bag friendly packaging, or the fact that it’s from Hourglass… but I had to have the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick!

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Becca Champagne Splits – Blush & Highlight Duos Review + Swatches


I love blushes. I love highlighters. Put both together in a single, travel-friendly compact and you’re ought to have a winner! I was extremely excited when I saw the new BECCA Champagne Splits Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Duos*, which serve up a hefty dose of pigmentation and luminosity. I really enjoyed the BECCA Champagne Collection Face Palette, so I had high expectations for the newest kids on the block. How did they measure up? My answer may not be what you expect.

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Three Urban Decay Products I’m Loving


I’m a bit of an Urban Decay novice – I feel like I haven’t fully explored what the brand has to offer yet… But if these products are anything to go by, I will be making sure to keep adding more bits and pieces of their range to my makeup repertoire in the months to come. Their 2016 Summer collection caught my eye as soon as it released and I knew I had to get my hands on a few things – I decided on the Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector, the Beached Bronzer and the Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid. Want to know what you should pick up? Then read on!

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Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Overview & Swatches


Is this real life? That’s what I asked myself as I opened a package containing Becca and Jaclyn’s latest and greatest – the entire Champagne Pop Collection! Following Champagne Pop’s huge success, Becca Cosmetics and YouTube sensation Jaclyn Hill have collaborated to create two beautiful limited edition palettes, and have extended the permanent line with the poured and liquid sisters of Champagne Pop. I’ve been playing around with these beauties for a few days now, and I couldn’t wait to share with you what I think of the line so far, along with lots of swatches!

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Kat Von D Rust Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad Review & Swatches


Kat Von D Beauty has just released four Shade + Light eyeshadow quads, which are said to transform your eyes through the art of colour contouring. Like many, I’m a total sucker for warm-toned shadows so as soon as I laid my eyes on Rust, the warmest quad of the four, I knew I wanted to pick it up. The beauty community have been going crazy over the newest additions to the Shade + Light range, but you could say the reviews so far have been polarising. Some love them, some hate them. Want to know what team I’m in? Then read on!

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New from BECCA: Backlight Targeted Colour Correctors & Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crèmes


Much like contouring and strobing, colour correcting has been around for a very long time; but for some reason in the past few months, it’s become the latest and greatest makeup trend. Colour correcting and I go a long way back… one of first memories of buying makeup is that of 13 year old me standing at the makeup isle at Kmart trying out a Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer on the back of my hand (remember the real OG in the shape of a lipstick?). I remember being desperate for something to conceal the redness around my nose and my blemishes. Somehow through the years the simple step of colour correcting escaped me in my makeup routine and I forgot all about it; but I’m glad we’re back on thanks to the new Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Correctors*.

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Lolita, Lolita II: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks – Thoughts & Swatches


I never cared much for liquid lipsticks, until I first laid eyes on Lolita – arguably the most elusive, most sought after liquid lipstick in the beauty world. Lolita has changed a lot since it was first released; the perfect dusty rose underwent reformulation, and with that the shade itself was also changed to what we know as ‘the bad batch’. Described as chestnut rose, it’s a much darker shade that has either the perfect amount of brown or too much brown, depending on who you ask. To throw a spanner into the works, Kat Von D decided to release Lolita II, because there weren’t enough Lolitas to keep up with already – but I’m glad she did.

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