Hair Contouring? Trying ‘Indian Sun’ at Franck Provost


Are you rolling your eyes at the title of this post? Stop it! Keep an open mind and bare with me… hair contouring is a thing, and it’s a good thing. Franck Provost Paris reached out to tell me about their new tecnique called ‘Indian Sun’, and as soon as they mentioned it was low-maintenance and natural looking, I quickly made an appointment to try it out.

For a bit of background,  I have thick, dark hair. In the past few years I’ve experimented with different techniques (mostly foils or balayage), in an attempt to change my look while keeping as much of my natural hair colour. Living in the tropics where it’s summer basically all year around, I’ve often opted for my hair to look naturally sun-kissed.

So what’s hair contouring, or ‘Indian Sun’? Basically put, it’s a technique designed to sculpt, highlight and soften to enhance your best features. The stylists at Franck Provost strategically place highlights depending on your individual face shape.


Image Source: Franck Provost

As I have an oval face, my stylist Natacha (who was SO lovely and had a beautiful french accent!), informed me that I had the most versatile face shape. She added around 8 foils on the lengths of my hair (keeping to the outer layers), and within 30 minutes, my strategically placed highlighters had come to life. I was very pleased with the results – I had asked Natacha to not go too light (as my hair is so dark I didn’t want any unnatural contrasts in colour), and she completely agreed with me and helped me choose a colour I was comfortable with. I had walked in with flat, uni-tone hair; and left with depth and dimension, looking Summer ready!

I think Indian Sun would be great for those who, like me, prefer a low-maintenance hair style. You can get around 6 months out of this technique before needing to get it re-done.

Here are a couple of shots to show you the technique a little bit better – note how beautifully and seamlessly the colour blends in on the right (direct sun). Oh and please excuse my hair, the 90% humidity in North Queensland is a #struggle. P.s. How cute is it that my mirror goes with the whole ‘Indian Sun’ theme?

indian sun

A huge thank you to Franck Provost for having me!

What’s your go-to hair style? Would you try hair contouring?


  • Katina Lindaa

    Ooo girrrl, Kill em!! Looking gorgeous! x

    Katina Lindaa |

  • The Sunday Mode

    Ah you look gorgeous, I love the new hair and this is definitely something I would try as well :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  • Naya

    Your hair looks amazing Daniela! I am curious about this new “contouring” technique. Would be fun to try it too!

  • Nicole

    Ok, so I did roll my eyes at the title and think WTF Really! haha but after a read it actually sounds pretty good and something I would try! Your hair looks gorgeous and I love the fact that it will last up to 6 months! I’m all about low maintenance :)

    Nicole xx |

  • Shannon

    I am totally down, I want to try as well! I am an oval face shape too!
    Love the low maintenance vibes!

    Shannon x